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We offer brand strategy consulting in a boutique setting. Our experienced creative directors identify and execute design-driven strategies. From branding to interiors, from marketing to strategic communication.

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Fritz Strempel

10 years experience as founder and creative director of fashion start-ups, CD at lead creative agency and corporate narrative adviser to global consumer brands. Guest lecturer at the Academy of Arts & Design Basel in Retail Design and juror at UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture.

Our creative Directors
advise brands worldwide.

All our activities:


Discoveries Fund

The Discoveries fund empowers and accelerates entrepreneurs, that have innovative concepts in the consumer goods and hospitality space paired with excellence in execution.



With extensive domain expertise in consumer goods, technology and governance we advise on tailor-made projects. From seed fundraising, reorganization to successful exit.

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We work and invest with outstanding founders, that are driving innovation in their category.

Watching these journeys is a truly rewarding experience.

Fritz Albers

Managing Partner

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